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She Is Awake, a blog focused on slow living, Intersectional Environmentalism and issues related to the people of colour

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The blog, She Is Awake is written by Antónia Mussache, who discusses sustainability for people of colour and the problems they face, the blog aims at empowering them. Furthermore, the author is also working on a book, called “Intentional Life” An opportunity for self-reflection to achieve a frugal and sustainable life.   Lisbon, Portugal – ….  Read More

Dollars, Gold and the Gold Regular

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one. Introduction Croesus, King of Lydians (Asia Small), has been the image of prosperity and electricity because ancient occasions. 650 BC he executed his concept of making funds from gold by obtaining coins minted which then became formal currency. A new “period” experienced started. The new tiny and useful exchange objects before long distribute throughout ….  Read More