How to Get a Great Condominium Device in Singapore For Homestay Or Expense

There’re many properties being built in Singapore, construction starting in 4th quarter 2009. This is because of the new Singapore Integrated Resort, Amusement Park and Casino, completed in 2010. There is also the new double helix bridge that ties in with the Super Trees that’ll be planted at the new and refurbished marina front.

New launch units good for homestay include verdana villas, estri villas, cyan, tri-light. These carry 2 and 3 bedrooms and penthouses which is ideal for a family of 3 and 4.
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Getting the choice units at lowest psf prices.

1. Pre launch

Developers will provide prelaunch prices in order to get the 1st units sold. As such, buyers can be found queuing up the night before to get the choice units they want. Normally buyers will hand a check to an agent company that will handle the transaction for them. Purchase is always through a marketing firm that with the right contacts can get discounted pricing.

2. Speaking with the developer about the pricing

Even if you have missed out on the prelaunch, it’s still possible to get a discount of $25psf from the unit prices. Especially if you’re planning to get a 4 bedroom or penthouse unit, one of the larger units, developers often can be flexible. The 2 bedrooms are often much contested for, especially the units that are away from the WEST setting sun.

3. Subscribe to mailing lists

If you’re into property for investments, then it’s a good idea to get on the mailing lists to be informed of new property launches. You can then have time to plan out your finances and decide earlier whether getting a unit is suitable for your current situation.

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