Curse of the Abyss Worm [Chapters 13 & 14]

“Anna, this is Dick Earnest, and I’ve been placing jointly another tape for you, I am going to deliver it off tomorrow, but I preferred to just converse a little bit, and perhaps get together with you so I can give you an overview in person of all this info, and likely some choices regarding the: “Abyss Virus Worm,” as it is recognized. Make a difference of simple fact you and I, alongside with a several other individuals, are the only ones on this world earth that know this magic formula or so I assume, about the Worm that is, the mystery of the worm, the Abyss Virus Worm. Oh of course, we are one of a kind now Anna, we equally know so considerably, lots of tricks you might say, of the essence of the worm and the cult that follows it.

Anna [curiously]. “I have been hoping to truly chat to you as an alternative of all this again and forth tape stuff. And of course, the facts you have identified out is fairly fascinating, and it appears like you’ve acquired a large amount far more?”

[Dick with a deep sigh–considering, ‘what does: fairly, necessarily mean?’].

“Yes, my long drudgery into this mysterious entire world is unwinding for you, which I comprehend you come from, this unseen, and ancient globe has brought forward a lot of conclusions, and a lot of inquiries to my head, as I am certain it has for yours: my soul staying stirred and weary at the very same time. But all-in-all, it has been much more than intriguing for me–.”

Said she [with anxiousness]: “And so Mr. Earnest, what is it you want to convey to my notice?”

Earnest [thoroughly]: “Just kind of an overview for you, to see if I can [or we can] set some of the sections of this puzzle with each other–for you, and give you a few my unbiased opinion [s] or improved nevertheless, personal feelings combined with practical experience. I am not at this issue absolutely sure on how to cure you if that-in truth of the matter-is, what genuinely desires to be done in addition finding rid of the curse in some way (by magic or by deed or prayer) but I will check out and discover out, I will obtain out how, I will come across out by some means, someway.

(Anna is silent, getting in all the information about every little thing Earnest has been supplying. Wondering: what may possibly be the very best medicine to eliminate the curse,–sure, to eliminate it, like you would a virus?)

this home of mine is beginning to push me mad Anna, I have been in it steadily for in excess of a 7 days now, and in two of my rooms I have paper all above the position, stacks in this article and there, almost everywhere, as higher as me, that is when I’m sitting down (a tiny chuckle comes about the cellular phone from Anna, Dick desired to be humorous for some rationale). I have shots taped on to the partitions, and maps exhibiting the areas of the families, where by they lived, labored, died this kind of as Erie, Pennsylvania St. Paul, Minnesota, New Orleans, Nashville, and the English place facet (England). But enable me just give you a briefing so I can go back to do the job, and indeed, oh yes, let us get with each other with some espresso and go by the relaxation of the information I have collected, in sequence, to see if I skipped a thing but not for an additional a number of days please. What I want to provide to your interest at this instant is:

Thomas Viper -was unmoved, I imply really unyielding in admitting he was the father of the kid the rapist of Sally, that is. Sally’s desire in Thomas was electric powered for a really prolonged time, as came about her simple recognition and obedience to him, then followed the rape, not understanding for positive who the rapist was I visualize, still normally obtaining that awful considered of becoming betrayed by the 1 man or woman she so definitely trustworthy. But electric powered I assume, when I say that I necessarily mean, perhaps much too fond of him at moments, and blind to his intentions. But she grew on him also, that is exactly where the ‘crack up’ arrived from I suppose (a weakness he did not be expecting from himself). You can only conceal from actuality for a though you know: you can paint around it, make a worm glance like a hen, however it is even now a worm you can create all you want about strategies, and address up the contemplating method, but once again, repeating on your own in circles will not get your head to stay clear of what it is attempting to stay away from forever, it will arise–the dread will emerge, if we continue being human. People today avoid chatting about dying as if it will go absent, like hell, but it isn’t going to

She authorized Thomas to get charge of her existence for the most section, and that is exactly what he did and of study course, the priority in this romance was Thomas searching after Thomas, as Thomas was always for Thomas but in his individual way he liked her I suppose, as I have experimented with to describe, in his sick, beneath par way, as unkindly as he turned out to be, he prized her. But isn’t really that the way so much of lifetime is, the unidentified what is driving the head of that other person that is the unidentified so usually we consider we know? Is it not more healthy to have faith in, so the counselor would say? And when we do, it backfires on us–often. And if we stay a life being on guard, is it not madness? A rhetorical concern, but foodstuff for imagined, my expensive Anna but I increase this to my ongoing ideas only simply because I want to recognize the brain of the perpetrator. When you know his thoughts you can offer with his soul much better. I do hope you agree with this.

As you almost absolutely heard, and now know improved, these tapes and my investigation draw a improved photograph on how Sally was elevated by Elsie for years, —for myself, as a ‘helper in the psychological’ sphere, I was fascinated by a couple missing information, or as of nowadays, missing info they are not, not any more. Just one getting, ‘…
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how did she get the virus?’, my conclusion to this is an above implication at very best, but enable me try, nevertheless: I do believe that she was staying weaned by a method offered to her throughout her suckling-stage as an toddler and thereafter the compounds [or make-up] becoming of leftover particles of blood taken from Vii–who was contaminated by the Abyss Worm, one might say sort of a homegrown an infection simply because it was lethal in the first location, and, and needed a lot more energy, far more lethal, more toxic ability of which was presented to it by means of the, the poisonous biochemical structure of the worm that infected his entire body, and for him, it came out by his eyes, not an iota–but significantly a lot more, furthermore no just one truly knew why it came out that way, it just did, –indeed bodies respond differently to substances, it came out in the glimpse–the forced anxiety of his eyes, therefore if he desired a demise, a monster’s get rid of, he experienced it suitable in his eyes not like the worm who kills its victims slowly but surely and has to implant by itself within them or become vulnerable by exhibiting alone therefore, destroy or imprison itself for security, or be killed, if you can kill it. As unappetizing as it sounds, I are not able to occur up with just about anything improved.

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