Eight Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Attention Cream

The majority of our skin problems are near the eyesight area, maybe this is why eye creams are our favorite when it comes to skin care products. Dark circles, puffiness, crow feet and many more problems are addressed. Using cream as a part of your daily skin care program can make a huge difference in your facial look. However , many people tend to make a lot of errors when using a cream. Below are a few mistakes that you can fix when it comes to using an eyes cream.

Using too much of the product

Many people end up squeezing a lot of product away despite the fact that the area around the eyes is pretty small. All that is needed to moisturize the eye area is less than a pea-sized quantity. So make sure that the next time you use your cream, only use a little, this can also save your cream from becoming wasted and will also save money as you will never run out of eye cream sooner.

Don’t apply out of order

Always check whether your eye cream needs to be applied before or after your moisturizer. The order in which the products are applied matters a lot. The rule which will help you out choosing which product to use first or even in which order is to check the regularity or thickness, lighter products should always be used first followed by heavier and richer products.

Never use upon dry skin

The most common mistake we all make is using not just our eye cream but also other moisturizers upon dry skin. Applying eye cream on the damp skin will secure the hydration, so next time if you are about to towel dry your face, withstand the urge and apply the lotion on the damp skin.

Getting the product too close to your eyes

Inspite of the name cream, using it too near to your eyes, near the lids or your lashes can be harmful.
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Only apply a small amount of cream on the orbital bone, under the eyebrows and usually away from the lash line. Attempt not getting the product into your eye.

Rubbing the eye area

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest on the face. This is why we need to be very mild when applying anything in the area. In no way rub your under eye area harshly when applying the eye lotion. Always apply in a soft, mild dabbing motion. Rubbing too harshly also leads to wrinkles and outlines so be very careful when using eye cream.

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