ABC’s Of Picking the Suitable Wheelchair Cushion

Wheelchair cushions are manufactured from a vast range of substance and are developed to fulfill a variety of distinct reasons. The very first thing to tackle when picking out a wheelchair cushion is why it is essential. For case in point, everyone setting in a wheelchair could use a cushion to give added comfort. Even so other individuals may well have a more major require, these types of as stress aid owing to skin concerns. And then there is the matter of positioning. Proper posture under no circumstances goes out of design.

No matter of what materials you decide on you will have to make sure that you/consumer by no means bottoms out. The phrase to “base out” suggests that the close end users bottom has occur in speak to with the seat. This signifies that the product that was picked to supply comfort, stress aid and or positioning has failed. All cushions need that some material, whether its foam, gel, fluid or air must remain among the stop user and the seat of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair cushions can be broken down in to four categories.

The 1st sort is the “comfort and ease cushion”. The most prevalent material employed is foam. Foam arrives in different grades and excellent. Inexpensive foam cushions are generally two to 3 inches thick and provide a small amount of money of comfort and ease. A single of the rewards of a foam cushion is that they are light-weight pounds, an crucial function if you are in a handbook wheelchair and are self propelling. Other rewards incorporate: no leaks or spillage, no required routine maintenance or repairs, low-cost and can be minimize to size. The most unfavorable facet of a foam cushion is that it retains fluids and odor. The existence expectance of the normal foam cushion is two a long time.

The 2nd classification is the “pressure relief cushion”. This is a cushion that has been tested and accepted by SADMERC to satisfy the criteria established by the Federal Govt. Gel products and solutions, significant finish foam solutions and air/dry flotation are common materials/approaches used for stress relief cushions. Gel/fluid is generally made use of as the main materials to give pressure reduction. Gel/fluid tends to be hefty materials including a sizeable volume of bodyweight to the wheelchair. Preserving the wheelchair as light-weight as probable will deliver the conclusion-consumer the biggest amount of personal liberty. Most gel/fluid cushions have a sound foam foundation.
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This provides a basis for the gel/fluid and tends to make the cushion lighter. Like foam gel/fluid cushions require incredibly little maintenance or upkeep from the finish-user. Gel/fluid can be ruptured or pierced and induce it to leak. The far more pricey gel/fluid cushions will have detachable substitution packs of gel/fluid. The top quality of the gel/fluid cushions fluctuate extensively. Existence expectance is amongst two and five decades, based on the brand.

Air/dry flotation is the solution that is most frequently applied when hoping to heal an open wound. It gives exceptional tension reduction and optimum comfort and ease. Air/dry flotation is a incredibly gentle product as properly. If this cushion is ruptured or pierced it can generally be repaired, a lot like a bicycle tire. Air cushions also call for they be look at additional frequently to assure the conclude-person does not “bottom out”. Often you will need to have to incorporate air to preserve the suitable pressure.

The third type of cushion is the “tension relief and positioning cushion”. This wheelchair cushion delivers two distinct functions. 1st is supplies tension aid and in addition it helps preserve the end-person in the appropriate posture or situation. An case in point of that would be cushion that gives tension reduction with gel/fluid and has a foam foundation that offers positioning through leg reduce outs and a bucket or minimize out for the customers base to established down in, keeping them in placement. Or the air/dry floatation cushion that has a second valve that locks the air in area, supplying the customer a secure foundation encouraging them maintain correct trunk aid.

The fourth kind of cushion is the “alternating pressure cushion”. This wheelchair cushion is the top in tension reduction. The cushion is especially style to just about every folks wound requirements. The cushion circulates air via the distinct chambers relocating the stress factors all around seat. This action in flip presents a great deal needed stress aid on open up wounds. It does have to have a ability source, possibly a portable battery pack or direct connection to a energy chair battery. The air can be modified to each individual individual’s private desire as properly the size of time in between cycles. This helps optimize comfort and force reduction. Pierced cushions can be fixed but have to have being transported back to the manufacture. This is an outstanding cushion with a large selling price tag, that’s well worth just about every penny.

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