How you can Whiten-Lighten Skin Naturally?

Pores and skin Whitening/Lightening grabs a big chunk in this $45 Billion Beauty Industry. There are loads of products available in the market which help you receive lighter complexion. There are some which simply don’t work (they are there for that name sake and are loaded with severe chemicals) and there are some which might function. I have never tried any process cream so I am not the proper person to comment on it.

If you ask me about skin fast remedies I will just be able to assist you with my natural face packages which I think are much safer plus effective ones.
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What are the ingredients used in most of the fairness/whitening/lightening creams, lotions and serums?

The most common ingredients are Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone, Licorice, Glycolic Acid, Arbutin and Fruit Enzymes.

Many of these acids and enzymes are found in fruits like Pineapple, Bearberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Papaya, Pumpkin etc .

You can make your own Skin Whitening Recipe in your own home. Try this recipe.

Papaya, Pumpkin plus Pineapple Face Pack

For this formula you will need-

3 tbsp Ripe Pumpkin
3 tbsp Green Papaya
2 tbsp Pineapple

Mix these types of ingredients together and blend it with the help of a hand blender. Apply this smooth paste on your encounter and rinse off after twenty minutes.

If you want to use it as a peel-off mask then try this-

one packet Unflavored Gelatin
1/2 Mug Juice of Pumpkin, Papaya plus Pineapple

Heat (don’t boil) the ingredients until all the gelatin has dissolved and let it cool. (You can refrigerate it for sometime)

Spread it on your face and softly peel off after 20 minutes or even once you feel you are ready to peel off it off.

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